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Great news! and Wizard are about to drop a one-of-a-kind Chad x Wizard NFT’s that’s going to be sold on the up-and-coming NFT Marketplace.

Profits of the Chad x Wizard NFT will be split between both parties.

About Wizard

How’s it going, Chads and Chadettes?!

Our first and foremost thanks go out to our loyal Chads for sticking with us throughout these difficult times — we are now glad to say they are almost over. We would also like to welcome those who’ve recently joined the ever-growing $CHAD community…

As some of you know, $Chad has had a rough start since the launch. $Chad experienced every challenge you can imagine, but of course, that could never stop $Chad.

Challenges only build resilience, and resilience is our ability to deal with setbacks. One of the essences of $Chad is indeed…

How to get into the pre-sale & whitelist?

It’s finally here! $CHAD Whitelist and Pre-sale is LIVE!

There is only 12 hours for the pre-sale!

In the whitelist sale, 1 BNB = 600,000,000 $CHAD Tokens.

0.5 BNB = 300,000,000 $CHAD Tokens.

0.1 BNB = 60,000,000 $CHAD Tokens.

By joining the whitelist sale, you will receive 100,000,000 extra tokens for your BNB than if you bought in the pre-sale on DXSALE.

In the DXSALE, 1 BNB = 500,000,000 $CHAD Tokens.

Minimum Contribution — 0.1 BNB

Maximum Contribution — 2 BNB

Soft cap — 100 BNB

Hard cap — 200 BNB

We will be locking Liquidity on DX SALE for 1 month.

$CHAD token is a community-driven anti-virgin meme token with automatic LP and reflective rewards.

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