As some of you know, $Chad has had a rough start since the launch. $Chad experienced every challenge you can imagine, but of course, that could never stop $Chad.

Challenges only build resilience, and resilience is our ability to deal with setbacks. One of the essences of $Chad is indeed…

How to get into the pre-sale & whitelist?

It’s finally here! $CHAD Whitelist and Pre-sale is LIVE!

There is only 12 hours for the pre-sale!

In the whitelist sale, 1 BNB = 600,000,000 $CHAD Tokens.

0.5 BNB = 300,000,000 $CHAD Tokens.

0.1 BNB = 60,000,000 $CHAD Tokens.

By joining the whitelist sale, you will receive 100,000,000 extra tokens for your BNB than if you bought in the pre-sale on DXSALE.

In the DXSALE, 1 BNB = 500,000,000 $CHAD Tokens.

Minimum Contribution — 0.1 BNB

Maximum Contribution — 2 BNB

Soft cap — 100 BNB

Hard cap — 200 BNB

We will be locking Liquidity on DX SALE for 1 month.

$CHAD token is a community-driven anti-virgin meme token with automatic LP and reflective rewards.

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