Wizard x CHAD Partnership

2 min readJun 15, 2021

Great news! Chads.io and Wizard are about to drop a one-of-a-kind Chad x Wizard NFT’s that’s going to be sold on the up-and-coming Chads.io NFT Marketplace.

Profits of the Chad x Wizard NFT will be split between both parties.

About Wizard

A first-of-its-kind fantasy token and NFT market, Wizard combines cryptocurrency with games for multiplied rewards! A variety of magical secrets hide in many hidden nooks and crannies of this immersive, explorative platform as well!

As they progress through their adventures, more characters (and tokens) will become available through community governance.

To learn more about what Wizard can do, check out their whitepaper here.

NFT Marketplace Underway

Since its launch, Chads.io has already created 3 unique NFTs while building the highly anticipated Chads.io NFT marketplace. At this time, there is no planned release date for the NFT Marketplace as our team wants to ensure a high-quality build.

Be a $CHAD Hodler!

While waiting for our NFT Marketplace to launch, become a $Chad hodler! We have a 1 trillion token supply that is deflationary with a 10% slippage. Each buy, sell, or transfer burns 4%. Among all tokens, we have the fairest redistribution.

We’re now listed on Coinsbit as well!

Visit our website to learn more on how you can join the frat house and hodl some $CHAD.


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$CHAD token is a community-driven anti-virgin meme token with automatic LP and reflective rewards.