The Frathouse Celebrations Are Just Beginning
2 min readJun 10, 2021


How’s it going, Chads and Chadettes?!

Our first and foremost thanks go out to our loyal Chads for sticking with us throughout these difficult times — we are now glad to say they are almost over. We would also like to welcome those who’ve recently joined the ever-growing $CHAD community! Are you ready to visit the moon, anti-virgins?

$CHAD is on Coinsbit!

In May 2021, the team was able to get the $Chad token listed on Coinsbit, an online shopping platform that allows users to purchase products with cryptocurrency from anywhere in the world. In just a week, the team was able to complete this task, proving their dedication and determination to take $Chad to the moon. We can’t wait to see what they do with the $Chad in the future! Keep HODLing!

Transparency is Key

Communication and transparency across all levels are important in gaining the trust of your investors. The website has been updated to feature live metrics of $Chad which means you’re able to see all the important data including the number of holders, Market Cap, and tokens burned.

You can also join the $Chad Telegram group chat to receive updates every day from the Chadmins.

NFT Marketplace Build Has Commenced

It’s just a Chad’s essence to go all out, baby. An NFT marketplace is coming to you very soon. Our world-class in-house artist has completed two amazing CHAD NFT’s! Our third NFT is already underway, and we can’t wait to drop them when we launch the marketplace!

Better Days Ahead

The team is in the early stages of building multiple partnerships, so we’re really pumped to get it pumped. In the meantime, why don’t you guys show your support by UPvoting for and commenting on these links?

Your votes matter, Chads.

It’s amazing how far the new seasoned team has been able to go in less than a week, so we are excited to go even further.



$CHAD token is a community-driven anti-virgin meme token with automatic LP and reflective rewards.