$Chad is Back and Better Than Ever

3 min readJun 3, 2021

As some of you know, $Chad has had a rough start since the launch. $Chad experienced every challenge you can imagine, but of course, that could never stop $Chad.

Challenges only build resilience, and resilience is our ability to deal with setbacks. One of the essences of $Chad is indeed resilience — the more resilient we are, the easier it will be to pick ourselves up and get back in the groove of things.

At this time, we’re not necessarily starting from scratch, but we have a lot of experience coming back.

A Brief Backstory

Soon after the launch, Dr. Chad renounced ownership thus leaving those responsibilities to Glen, who was only able to work part-time at the time. A great deal of Dr. Chad’s responsibilities including CEX listings, lotteries, Twitter management, marketing, NFT marketplace, website UI updates, and partnerships unfortunately fell on the back burner because of his renouncement.

However, Chads is still a project that holds so much potential, even though, understandably, some have lost hope in it.

In spite of the setback, @Bilbobagga saw the opportunity to relaunch a better $Chad and quickly acted upon it. With the help of @Popcorns and @slikkslakk, they’ve assembled a strong and seasoned team that can take $Chad to the moon.

Hope is not lost. Don’t underestimate The $Chad.

(If you’re interested in becoming a CHADmin, join our Telegram group and shoot us a message!)

More To Come

Although the process of transferring ownership can be difficult and time-consuming, the new team assures you that they are advancing forward and greatly appreciate your loyalty and understanding.

At the moment, the new team is working on the following:

1. CEX — We are getting listed on COINSBIT today. Coingecko can happen shortly after.

2. Lottery UI — Daily lotteries and giveaways to increase organic traffic. As $Chad is being built from scratch, the full UI lottery will be approximately one month away.

3. NFT marketplace — This will follow after the lottery… watch this space!

4. The new team will be able to do much more in the near future once they finish picking up the pieces of the previous team — not too long now!

This Is Just the Beginning

This is just the beginning again, Chads. Remember that our market cap is LOW, so as improvements come through, we can easily send Chads over the moon. Moreover, we still have over 3500 diamond-handed holders whose faith in the project shows that we can overcome any challenges we face.

Resilient people know how to stay focused on what matters without giving in to discouragement.

Stay strong, Chads! We will prevail.

Thank you for your support as we ‘Make $CHAD Great Again’!




$CHAD token is a community-driven anti-virgin meme token with automatic LP and reflective rewards.